About Our Clinic

Rogue Women’s Health

All of the staff at Rogue Women’s Health believe in taking a patient-centered approach with each of our patients and families.  We cultivate a partnership with our patients that involves listening, learning, and education, leading to the development of treatment/prevention/screening plans that focus on our patient’s values and long term goals.

Listening and Learning

Each patient brings their own experience, priorities, preferences and values to their visit. We take time to listen and learn what our patients need and want recognizing they are all individuals with specific needs.  By taking the time to listen to our patients and learn about their values, who they are, what prior experiences they have, and their current conditions, we are able to work with them to achieve their ultimate goals for health and treatment.


We combine what we learn from our patients, our own medical education, and the wealth of our experience to educate our patients. By investing the time in education, our patients are empowered to make informed decisions. Patient education builds a stronger partnership between RWH and the patient as we learn from each other.

Treatment and Prevention

Once we have taken the time to listen, learn, and educate, we develop an individualized treatment plan that incorporates acute care and long term prevention and screening.  Our ultimate goal with treatment is that our patients feel they are the center of the decision making process and feel empowered to control their own treatment and health.