Covid-19 Update for Rogue Women’s Health.

RWH community, hope you all are well. I am writing to update you on the current state of Covid-19 infection in Southern Oregon and beyond. The current number of infections confirmed in Jackson County is 21.  In Josephine County the number is 10, and in Klamath County it is 5. This is a significant increase from our last check in and shows that yes, the virus SARS-CoV2, the responsible corona virus for Covid-19, is in Southern Oregon. I am pleased to say I feel that local hospital leadership has done a great job in supporting the community clinics to make a plan that is constantly being updated and improved as more information becomes available. Thank you Asante and Providence!

We are continuing to see obstetric patients, post-operative patients and anyone with a significant gynecologic problems. Elective surgery is not being performed anywhere, but we will continue to support patients that require surgery and would be harmed by waiting until Gov. Kate Brown lifts the hold placed on elective surgery.

What you can do during this time:

Continue to stay home. Being away from others, while challenging socially, and contrary to how many of us have lived up to this point, keeps you from being exposed to potentially sick people and keeps those people from being exposed to you. Please only go out when necessary.

Maintain social distancing: 6 feet away is plenty of space when outside or in a large room to keep each other safe. The concern over transmission of a respiratory infection like SARS-CoV2 (Covid-19), is through aerosols (tiny particles with virus) and droplets (larger particles). Keeping distance, at first awkward, is the way to get through the day around other people interacting, but not putting either person at risk.  Try to maintain this distance when you are at the store or waiting in lines.

If you feel sick, call the Asante Nurse line, 541-789-2813 and they will help you identify if you need to be tested for the Covid-19 infection. Monitor for fever, chills, body aches and shortness of breath.

We are planning to modify the visit schedule for obstetric care to decrease the number of in-office visits until the risk of being in the office can be fully assessed. Less traffic in and out of the office along with check-in/visits over the phone or through some video based conference will translate to improved distancing and less opportunity to spread Infection. We appreciate you keeping us informed of your health and any symptoms you may have. Being considerate of the community, focusing on the WE instead of the ME, will flatten the curve keeping our local medical systems from being overwhelmed while protecting the most vulnerable among us.


Dr. Mills and the RWH Staff

Medford Oregon Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Dr. Mills and all of the staff at Rogue Women’s Health believe in taking a patient-centered approach with each of our patients and families. We cultivate a partnership with our patients that involves listening, learning, and education, leading to the development of treatment/ prevention/screening plans that focus on our patient’s values and long term goals.

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Letter from the Doctor

Dear Friends,
We are happy to announce that Rogue Women’s Health is now open!

Lyndsey and I wanted to thank all of our family, friends, colleagues, and patients who have supported us in this transition.  The changes being made are huge for our lives and go way beyond a change of scenery.

While not all of the changes have been smooth, and challenges that we did not prepare for have already been encountered, we rest assured that this is the best place for us to go forward and continue our commitment to care for our patients and be a part of this community.

The support we have received has humbled us and strengthened our resolve to make Rogue Women’s Health the cornerstone of care for women in Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley.

Thank you again!

Dr. Nicholas and Lyndsey Mills
And the entire Rogue Women’s Health Staff

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